People have visited and have asked me
"Why is it called and why is it dark and black?"

This is easy, I Am a Devil and break rules...j/k lol. No but really, I feel that a dark setting is better on my eyes and does not take up memory to render on your screen and because I feel that is an appropriate name for what I do on this instance or page.

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Welcome to snfl. I have setup this one-person social media over having an account on a social media platform that will restrict what I say.

snfl. is a new present-day 100% free microblogging social network for all sorts of people from all walks of life and I happen to be one of those peeps.

I enjoy sharing, ranting and posting all sorts of things topics and if I can do this on a decentralized social platform site, even better. I have... No ads, No spam, No corporate surveillance, No bad intentions by any means, only good wholesome sexy fun and me.

Jump into snfl. and remember, this platform is not focused on any particular niche interest - everyone is welcome as long as you follow the code of conduct and enjoy my custom emojis.

Alfonso Mujica