Just when you think things couldn't get worse.
(update) Increase to a Category 4 Hurricane.

Tropical storm hit the peninsula and left us with inundations, and other water issues, so some hours have passed it has now decided to come back but stronger and this time it will come back with a friend...a Category 1 hurricane called that may become a category 3 in the next hour as they have now announced on the news. oh and let's not forget we have crocs swimming around too...lol fml

Yes, this is totally me after my 2nd dose of java in the morning.

Very tasty if I do say so myself.
Had some Dragon Fruit...um, juice, pulp with wtaer...hmm πŸ€” would it be a juice? I mean, it was smushed and you could feel the pulp lumps...anyways, it was good. Enjoy the pic.


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